The route of taxes

1. Local revenue

This is collected through direct taxes (e.g. property tax) and municipal charges (e.g. for rubbish collection).

2. Other revenue sources

The municipal budget receives other revenue, mainly from Spain’s central government and the Canary Islands regional government, which are responsible for collecting other revenue, e.g. from VAT and income tax.

3. What is it used for?

The City Council uses the money raised, along with other sources of funding such as debt, to maintain public services and the city's infrastructures.

Revenue and Expenditure at City of Adeje


Actual revenue

Budgeted revenue


Actual expenditure

Budgeted expenditure


Budget data for

  • Actual total
    • Revenue

    • Expenditure

  • Budgeted total
    • Revenue

    • Expenditure

Budget indicators

Budget indicators are calculated using actual revenues/expenditure figures for the years whose liquidation is closed, and approved budget figures otherwise.

Data sources


  • Income and expenditure shown only refer to Adeje City Council.
  • Inflation is adjusted to 1st of January, 2018. The annual inflation rate is the 12-month average of the year-on-year rate.